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Shark Navigator NV22L Review

Shark Navigator NV22LIs the Shark Navigator vacuum too good to be true?

This is probably the number one burning question that’s been going on through everyone’s heads and you will definitely get the answers in these Shark Navigator reviews.

The most intriguing claim that they’re boasting about is that they were able to replicate the power of a Dyson vacuum but without having the very expensive price tag which can get from $300 – $500.

It’s perfectly fine to be skeptical especially when there’s so much hype you see in their infomercials. I feel the same way and that’s why I took it upon myself to do some research and provide you with the facts.

If you want to know the truth about the Shark Navigator vacuum then it’s best that you stick around and read the Shark Navigator reviews.

But if you’ve already made up your mind about it then you can check out its price over at by clicking the link below.

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Vacuum Power

How do you really gauge the suction power of a vacuum? I’m sure there are a lot of ways to determine that but it’s more practical and effective to determine a vacuum’s power if you’ve previously owned other vacuum brands, right?

Well a lot of people who gave praises to the Shark Navigator have testified that it picked up a lot more dust, dirt and hair than their other vacuums. Someone even used two vacuums on their carpet but when they used the Shark Navigator to vacuum the exact same area, there was still a huge amount of dirt and dust that have been sucked into the dust bin. There’s also a good chance that someone will ask if you shampooed your carpets because this is the amazing effect that this vacuum will leave on your carpets.

This is a really good illustration when it comes to the amazing suction power of the Shark Navigator. It will definitely pick up more stuff that the other vacuum brands cannot but be warned because you might be disgusted by what’s really under your carpet.

Never loses suction

The no loss suction technology of the Shark Navigator keeps the dust and dirt away from the filters so the suction power remains the same with continued and long use. This has been a proven truth by the many owners of Shark Navigator and they were also more than satisfied because the advertisements delivered on the promise with regards to this technology. Remember that this is also the same suction technology for the higher priced Dyson vacuums. A lot of people thought that their previous vacuums had the greatest suction until they’ve tried out the Shark Navigator.

Pet Hair Capability

Majority of those who bought Shark Navigator were pet owners and they couldn’t believe the amount of pet hair that their old vacuum left behind. If you buy the Shark Navigator over at, you’ll get the pet hair power brush that will let you scrub those pet hairs more easily.


The Shark Navigator NV22L is a bagless upright vacuum so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up and replacing bags. This is also ideal for someone who is suffering severely from allergies and asthma.

Noise Level

There’s no vacuum that is whisper quiet but the noise level of the Shark Navigator is actually much quieter than most vacuums especially when you consider its power. A lot of the people said that it’s fairly quiet but it does give off a high-pitched sound but it’s not that annoying. It’s perfectly fine to use this vacuum late at night even when you have some neighbors close by. You’ll also be able to have a decent conversation with someone while using this vacuum.


The filters of the Shark Navigator are washable and they even provide you with an extra set of filters so you can vacuum while you’re drying out the previous ones. The dust cup is easy to empty out and some parents even let their children do it. A good number of people were really satisfied by how easy it is to empty the dust bin when compared to other vacuum brands in the market.


You’ll be pleased to know that assembling the Shark Navigator is going to be a breeze. On average it only takes about 5 minutes from opening the box to switching the vacuum on but you have to read and follow the directions carefully.


The Shark Navigator is lightweight and it’s very easy to maneuver weighing in at 15 pounds. You have to know that it’s not really that light so don’t try to lift it with your pinky finger. But you’ll easily carry this vacuum and haul it upstairs. Storing this vacuum in your closet is not a problem because of its compact size and if you live in a townhouse, where there is limited space, this vacuum is going to be very beneficial.


You’ll get a 5-year limited warranty.


The price is one of the main reasons why people are in love with this vacuum. Many people are not convinced on buying a $300-$500 vacuum like the Dyson. That’s why it’s ideal to get the Shark Navigator because it gives you the same suction power that Dyson has but it’s definitely more affordable.

Any Complaints?

It’s really hard to find any major complaints about Shark Navigator but some people said that the dust cup is not that big so you have to empty it out frequently. Fortunately the dust cup is very easy to empty out. What you can do is wrap the dust cup in a bag and empty it outside so you don’t contaminate the air inside your house with the dirt you’ve just sucked up. Another minor concern for people regarding the Shark Navigator is the non retractable cord.

Check out this 3 minute video for more information about Shark Navigator


Shark Navigator is great for:

  • People who want the power of Dyson vacuum but won’t cost an arm and a leg
  • Pet owners who want to pick up pet hairs easily
  • People who want to get huge savings on buying dust filters
  • People who are thinking twice about the quality of their current vacuums


  • Comparable to the suction power of expensive vacuums but cost a lot less
  • Can pick up much more dirt that other high priced vacuums cannot
  • Noise level is quieter than leading brands; allowing you to vacuum even late at night
  • Compact in size and easy to move around
  • Pet hair brush attachment works really well


  • Dust cup is small so you have to empty it out frequently
  • Cord is not auto retractable

Shark Navigator – Consumer Testimonials

I was really skeptical about the Shark Navigator in the beginning. It’s a small one but I was blown away by its power. I can easily switch from hard floors to carpets. I have some pets that shed a lot and the Shark Navigator picked up so much hair that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve visited a lot of review sites and the verdict is that Shark Navigator is a clear winner over Dyson and Hoover.

Leslie Money

This vacuum was recommended by a family member and I quickly said that cheap vacuums are only a waste of time and money. But I was gravely mistaken when I started using Shark Navigator. My super expensive Rainbow vacuum was doing a poor job and fortunately I found Shark Navigator.

Sarah Applegate

Shark Navigator FAQ

Does it get clogged like every other vacuum?

Yes. All vacuum cleaners have the potential to get clogged and it also depends on what gets sucked in. But many Shark Navigator owners who are living with pets, heavy dirt and dander have reported that they didn’t experience any clogging issues. The key is being able to clean the vacuum and this Shark model has a better dust cup design that empties easier and is cleaner.

Does the brush stop to clean bare floors?

Yes. You can find a switch for the brushroll.

Is it okay to rinse the cyclonic chamber?

Yes but make sure you dry it thoroughly before using it again. Check the manual on the things that you can and cannot do safely.

Where Can You Get Shark Navigator?

Hopefully this review helped you in making the right decision with this vacuum cleaner. To learn more about it and to check its price, head over to

Check Price of Shark Navigator on

Do you have anything to say about the Shark Navigator NV22L? Just simply leave a comment below this article.

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Shark Rocket VS Dyson V6

Are you troubled cleaning the entire house? If so, using a vacuum cleaner can help you to clean all parts of your home even those that are not easily reached. This cleaning tool is just very easy to use. Even if you are alone, you can do your cleaning task simply with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

When you are looking for a light, small vacuum cleaner, your decision is often down to the Shark Rocket vs Dyson V6. What are the benefits of using these vacuum cleaner models? If you cannot decide to what you will choose between the two, it is needed for you to gather information to make your decision wisely.

Benefits of Shark Rocket

Shark rocket is a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner which is perfect for cleaning stairs and other hard to reach places of your home.  Its perfect design features make this device very useful and simple to use.

If you use this vacuum cleaner in cleaning your house, no more dog or cat hair left on the floors after you have done cleaning.

It does good job on cleaning all types of floors, like tile floors, hardwood floors and low to medium pile carpets. There is no need for you to hesitate using this device because it is really perfect to clean all floor types.

Shark rocket has slightly has a bigger head, so it takes fewer cleaning passes than a Dyson to clean the floor of the house.

Shark rocket has great flexibility and steering in models with effective swivel head. If you will compare Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner to Dyson, it is not as heavy like to Dyson, so you will not find it hassle to use and won’t event tire your wrist as much as you use it in cleaning some parts of your home.

For majority of the sticks of vacuum cleaner models, this model of cleaner is only 1 to 3 pounds lighter than the weight of Dyson.

This model of vacuum cleaner has several models that are best recommended for you to use while Shark rocket is one of top recommendations of a quality brand.

In Shark Rocket vs Dyson V6, shark rocket best wins when it comes to model price.

Benefits of Dyson V6

Just like with Shark Rocket stick vacuum, Dyson is also one model of cleaner best used in cleaning the entire house. This model is your partner in cleaning task which makes your task simple and easy.

Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner is powered by digital motor. The motor quickly spins. In just a minute, the motor usually spins many times. The moor is faster compared to others. As a result, the machine has powerful suction.

The battery charge of the machine is only consumed if it is in use. This is the edge of this vacuum among others. Other vacuum cleaners are switched on if you started cleaning.

The Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner has run-time increasing trigger.

The vacuum has a bin empty button. In just one push, all the collected dirt and dust are released easily. You do not need to open the vacuum just to get the dust. Removing of dirt is very easy and simple to do. One finger can do the task.

The tool is ergonomic and lightweight. You can bring it wherever you want. The handle is hand friendly. It fits perfectly on your hands. The handle is designed for easy and convenient handling.

When cleaning your car, the Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner is recommended. It cleans the seats of your car. Upholstery is also cleaned by the vacuum. Because it is lightweight, you can easily bring it to your car.

The vacuum is durable. It will serve you for a long time. It is very tough. The vacuum is made from quality materials just like with Shark Rocket. This is a material that is similarly used in making helmets. The use of this material is tested for having quality and long lasting service.

The vacuum catches dirt without losing its suction. The cyclone technology of the vacuum is very helpful. The cyclone creates centrifugal force. This makes the dirt to be on the container while air is released for better suction.

The battery is rechargeable. It is made from manganese cobalt. It will take you days before you recharge the battery of the Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner. If you are cleaning the suddenly power interruption happens, you can continue your work. The vacuum does not need to be plug in every time you will use it. There is no problem in case of brownout. The battery has fast charging capacity.

Usually, you want to finish every task successfully. In cleaning using the vacuum, your task will be easy. It has motor device for hard tasks. This is for the purpose of upholstery cleaning.

If you have a pet cat or dog, you are required to clean the house of your pet. The cat’s fur is one of the problems by most pet owner. Fur can be cleaned by the use of the Dyson D6 Vacuum Cleaner.

Just like with other models of vacuum cleaner, Dyson also works in all surfaces of floors.
In the debate between Shark Rocket vs Dyson V6, those who need affordable and efficient vacuum cleaner should get Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner. However, the decision is all yours. So it is better if you choose the one which you like most and you think can help better in cleaning your home.

Vacuum cleaner does not need to be expensive in order to be useful. The price does not define the quality of any product. If you want to know the best vacuum cleaner, you can try to use the two best models presented for you to know which is really the most suitable for your needs. Such benefits are based on customer’s reviews for you to know the difference between the two.  Shark Rocket vs Dyson V6, which one will you choose?