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Is The Shark Navigator Any Good?

Many homeowners looking for a vacuum cleaner have gone from site to site and review to review asking for the same thing: Is the Shark Navigator any good? Well, simply put, the short answer to that is YES. It is THAT good. But, before you click “add to cart” or “buy this item”, read on to know more about what it can do for you and your home.

The Shark Navigator utilizes an upright and bagless design which weighs at around 15 lbs., making it easy to carry around and finish your vacuum duties in a breeze. It also utilizes Infinity Technology that keeps the dirt and dust off the filter to keep your cleaning consistent from the living room all the way to Junior’s bedroom. To add ease of use, it boasts and ergonomic grip and uses a on/off option for the brushroll, to easily weave through carpets and hardwood floors.

You may have noticed that several people gave mostly positive reviews for the Shark Navigator, also asking “Is the Shark Navigator any good?” Well, when most people agree on the same thing, they are most likely correct (unless they belong to the same cult or something). Anyway, several of the users said that it was very easy and convenient to use because of its lightweight design. One even said it was fun to clean around the house with the Navigator.

Consumers also contend that it easily could handle pet hairs and other annoyingly difficult-to-clean stuff from tough surfaces like carpets. One also said that cleaning his hardwood floors was easier with the Shark Navigator. They say that, compared to other vacuums, it produces lesser noise and is very compact.

Despite its small size though, it could accumulate quite a lot of dirt in its transparent container after you’re done with the cleaning. One customer however said that it’s quite annoying to empty the cylinder outside, as the dust may spread in the air and contaminate it with germs. However, to many, this is a small negative compared to buying and replacing vacuum bags all the time. It saves money, which is always good.

Lightweight, powerful, easy to handle, store, and saves money – the guys at Shark definitely made their Navigator one of the most competitive vacuums out in the market. You might say that you won’t spend 50-70 dollars on vacuum cleaners, but with the Shark Navigator, the price is pretty solid and reasonable for a machine that you could use for a very long time. In conclusion: Is the Shark Navigator any good? You bet it is.

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