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Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356E Review

Shark NV356EThe Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356E is another one of Shark’s innovative, lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaners that boast exceptional quality for small to medium sized homes and apartments. With an anti-allergen complete seal system, you’re sure that the appliance will trap 99 per cent of the dust and save you from an asthma attack.

It also holds a lot more dust than other vacuums normally do, has a lift-away detachable canister and a bare floor cleaning attachment, making it versatile yet effective. Finally, Shark boasts that the NV356 model has practically no loss of suction over the course of operation.

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Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356 Reviews

Several reviewers nodded in unison on the effectiveness, overall quality and lightweight design of the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356. A reviewer mentioned that his carpet never looked this clean upon using the NV356, except when he probably laid it down his floor. This is because of its suction power. At one point, the reviewer even mentioned that, with the brush off, the vacuum managed to pull down a medium sized pile carpet. Because of its large capacity canister, it still has a consistent power even if you managed to fill the container up to 75 percent of its maximum capacity. With over three-fourths of it full, one reviewer said that the vacuum was still able to suck up some cat litter and left over pet food.

Additionally, it’s also thanks to this huge capacity canister that it can contain, or rather, supplement, the vacuum’s powerful suction. This is true for another reviewer, who commented on the power of the vacuum on his carpets, where they have turned very soft after operation, making it really safe for households with babies. Speaking of safety and health, some of the people pointed out that they purchased the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356 for its effective anti-allergen complete seal system, especially since some of them have a case of asthma or allergy from dust particles.

The NV356 is nicely capped off with an affordable price tag, but really doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the parts. Speaking of parts, they are truly built in a lightweight fashion that even one reviewer who was pregnant was able to work with it with ease. With its lightness and power, it would thus be easy for users to pick it up and clean the house, making sure that you almost always have a home that’s spic and span.

However though, its strength is also its weakness. Because of its lightweight build, you may bang this against a lot of furniture. But, what you should do is to rearrange some of the furniture first to have a truly efficient vacuum session.

With an effective anti-allergen sealing system, an easy-to-use interface and lightweight build, plus truly powerful suction power at a very, very affordable price, it’s truly a winning moment once you take home the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356. Finally, you can ensure that your floors, whether carpeted or bare, can actually be clean week in and week out.

What’s Next?

Hopefully this review helped you in making the right decision. Simply click the link below to learn more about it and to know its price.

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