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Shark Navigator Lift Away Review

Shark NV352You’ve probably seen the infomercial for the Shark Navigator Lift Away and wondered if they will really deliver on their promise.

You’ve heard that this vacuum’s capability is comparable to the Dyson vacuum but won’t cost you $500.

Is there any shed of truth about this claim?

Well, our Shark Navigator reviews will tell you once and for all if it’s worthwhile to consider this vacuum cleaner. We’re going to discuss the most important points when it comes to the functionality of this vacuum. Of course we’re also going to cover some of the consumer’s gripes. Stick around and hopefully this review will help in your decision.

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No Loss Of Suction

A lot of people are more than satisfied with its suction power. You can actually feel its powerful no loss suction because it will pull itself forward as the beater brush rotates. If there’s too much power, there’s an adjustable ring that you can rotate at the top of the handle that will release air pressure so you’ll get the appropriate suction power. If you have different floorings, you can easily move from carpet to bare floors with just a push of a button.

Many people thought that their previous vacuums were doing a good job. But when they bought and tried out the Shark Navigator Lift Away, they were surprised because there were still a huge amount of dust and dirt that was picked up by the Lift Away even if they’ve just used their previous vacuums. This actually prompted many homeowners to vacuum everyday and promote the Shark Lift Away as their main home vacuum.

Lift Away Technology

This is one of the wonderful features of this vacuum as you can easily detach the canister to clean your stairs and the corners of your ceiling. A lot of people said that it was really easy to transform the Shark Navigator Lift Away from an upright to a canister vacuum.

Swivel Head

This vacuum is easy to maneuver thanks to the swivel head feature. It swivels just like the Dyson vacuums but you won’t get the huge swivel yellow ball because the Shark Lift Away’s swivel is built right inside so it’s not obvious. The head is small and easily fits between and under your furniture without the edges getting banged up. A few people think the small head is a con but a good number of people said that the small head is a huge help when it comes to moving it around.

Sealed Technology

Having a HEPA filter for your vacuum is great but the truth is that dust and allergens can still escape if you have an unsealed vacuum. The Shark Navigator Lift Away is built with a complete anti-allergen seal technology which traps almost 100% of dust and allergens. This is very helpful if you have some allergies and irritations.

Pet Hair Capability

Pet owners have testified that the Shark Navigator Lift Away is an awesome solution for picking up pet hair. If you’re getting frustrated everyday with your pet hair then you definitely need to try this vacuum because this will literally change the way you feel about your pet’s shedding. Additionally, it comes with attachments for pet hair and you can also use it to pick up cat litter but make sure that you turn OFF the brushes. Fall in love with your home again by having the capability to get rid of pet hair on a daily basis. If you head over to and read the Shark Navigator reviews, you’ll quickly see that it’s an ideal vacuum for pet hair.


It’s not really that lightweight but you can easily move it up and down the stairs. It’s also easy to push and you can easily consider it as a self propelling vacuum for its power. The Shark Navigator Lift Away has been proven friendly for people with shoulder and back pains. Those with some body pains who bought the Lift Away have actually found some renewed joy in vacuuming because of its lightweight benefit.


The price of the Shark Navigator Lift Away is a steal for many homeowners especially when you compare it to other high priced vacuums in the market. The ratio between the price and quality just gives a tremendous value for the consumer. Thanks to the huge savings, many people now want to buy a few extra Shark Lift Aways to give to their family and friends.


This is a bagless type of vacuum so you won’t have to worry about the messy bags. Emptying and cleaning out the dust cup is really easy. You just bring out the dust cup, push a button and out comes the dust and dirt. It’s also a breeze when it comes to cleaning the filters.

Noise Level

With its tremendous suction power, this vacuum is actually much quieter than the other brands around. It sounds more like a hand vacuum than a true vacuum cleaner. You can easily have a good conversation with someone while vacuuming. Your kids can also have some good sleep even when you’re vacuuming just beside them.


It only takes a few minutes to put the Shark Navigator Lift Away together.

Any Complaints?

You’re not going to find any serious complaints about the Shark Navigator Lift Away but every product has its own imperfections. First, the dust cup is small so you would have to do some frequent emptying especially if you have some pets around your place. But this also gives you a good picture of how awesome the suction power of the Shark Navigator Lift Away.

Next is that the power cord covers only one room because it only measures 25 feet long. But you can easily solve this by using an extension cord and this is what a lot of people have done when using the Shark Navigator.

There were also reports that it tips over easily because of the bulky top. Overall it’s lightweight but when you tip it to vacuum, the weight of the motor goes with the handle. For some people with arthritis or with not so much upper body strength, this issue can make them think twice.

Check out this 5 minute video review of the Shark Navigator Lift Away



  • Awesome price to functionality ratio
  • Assembly is a breeze and takes only a few minutes
  • Suction power is incredible
  • Works very well on carpets
  • Very easy to clean and empty out
  • Easy access to filters
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Quiet (no high pitch hiss, just a soft hum)
  • Sealed system which helps with your allergies
  • Converts into a light canister
  • Washable lifetime filters


  • Dust cup is small for some people
  • 25″ power cord covers one room
  • Top is heavy and tips over easily

Shark Navigator Lift Away – Consumer’s Thoughts

You’ll never know how inefficient your vacuum is until you’ve tried the Lift Away! I vacuumed a few days ago and I couldn’t believe how much stuff it picked up. I love it when I can clean bare floors to carpets in one quick motion. I even vacuumed while my son was sleeping! It’s very light and so my back doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m so in love with this vacuum and I strongly recommend it.


I’m waiting to buy the super expensive Rainbow vacuum when I found out about the Shark Navigator Lift Away. My husband thought I was crazy to purchase such a cheap vacuum but I was shocked with its tremendous suction power. After this experience, I believe I can never go back to using a regular vacuum cleaner. I don’t really write reviews but this vacuum really surpassed my expectations.


What’s Next?

Hopefully this review of the Shark Navigator NV352 helped you in making the right decision. If you’re ready to buy this vacuum cleaner, then head over to to learn more about its price.

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One comment

  1. Daves Mager

    Overall a really great vacuum cleaner. Suction is fantastic, no expensive bags to replace, washable filters and you can’t beat the price. I’ve had the lift away for 4 years now and there is one complaint that I have to the manufacturer. When you use it as a canister vacuum the hose is too short. I find it awkward to hold the canister in one hand while trying to vacuum with the other hand. If the flex hose were longer, You could be able at times to set the canister down and have both hands available and not pull the canister over because of too short of a hose.
    Overall, a minor problem that I find quite annoying. Still the best machine for your money.

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