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Shark Navigator NV22L VS Shark Navigator Lift Away

Vacuum cleaners have always been a difficult choice for consumers because of the dizzying array we have in the market. If, however, you’re serious about having one that performs well and will get rid of pesky pet furs on your carpet, then, you might want to check out the winner between Shark Navigator VS Shark Navigator Lift Away.

While both may look like items from the future, these Navigators are no-nonsense vacuums that will effectively clean up your home with no losses in power. With state-of-the-art engineering and maneuverability, you can clean rooms in a breeze. There are differences with the two though, so let’s find out what’s right for you.

First, they are similar on one aspect – the bagless design. With this you don’t have to go through a lot of fuss in disposing the dirt and debris they will accumulate. With a simple press of a button, you can eliminate all dirt inside. Since they’re both lightweight (but the Lift-Away weighing a lot less), you can hold the vacuums up directly on a trash can or separate bag, then push the button. Now onto the differences.

Shark Navigator – Despite it being the “heavier shark” Many reviewers still found the Navigator very maneuverable. Since it only weighs around 15 pounds and is equipped with gliding-wheels, you can easily control and move it. The grip which was build ergonomically for your hand also helps you do this. Another thing we loved about it is that the attachments that came with it actually work. If you’re ever annoyed with pet hair, the Navigator will coop these up with ease. Initial assembly will be required though, but we found it quite easy by simply following the instructions. Pick this vacuum up if you want to go for power.

Shark Navigator Lift Away – The LiftAway is one of the most innovative Sharks out there. The Featherweight design, will allow you to easily “lift it away” as the name suggests, making you to reach those hard places with ease. To complement this further, it has a canister mode, which allows you to lug it around and equip it with hose attachments to get creative and clean the ceilings or places you wouldn’t normally reach with an upright vacuum. However, the Navigator Upright is undeniably a lot more powerful than the LiftAway, and this could be obviously seen with their build. If you prefer being very mobile and your home is filled with high furniture that needs to be cleaned up, then this is the one you must choose.

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