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Shark Navigator VS Bissell

Wise consumers find time to research and read reviews before even purchasing a product. If they will browse  through the Internet today and read some of the reviews about upright vacuums, they will end up comparing Shark Navigator vs Bissell.

These two are well-known brands and they have great reviews in the net. Commonly, reviewers loved Shark Navigator’s easy maintenance that is why more and more people consider this as the best machine ever purchased. On the other hand, Bissell is also a powerful upright vacuum that is excellent for those with pets at home.

Both brands are bagless and are considered cost saving since according to many consumers, you literally won’t have to buy one for your vacuum, ever! Thus, a lot of people can see the dust and pet hairs inside the vacuum’s dirt box directly because it is see-through. Plus, you can help the environment, since there will be no need to add garbage to Mother Earth. True enough, they are eco-friendly.

Another common finding in Shark Navigator vs Bissell is that they have good suction. This is mainly attributed to their clean filters since all dirt and dust immediately go to the dirt box.  Another huge advantage that you can get from Shark Navigator is that they have the same powerful suction technology as with Dyson and the cost is definitely more economical when compared to Dyson vacuums.

Just like Bissell, consumers commented that Shark Navigator is also good in getting all the pet hair on carpets. Both products are also friendly to the pocket since their costs are between $150-$160 only, very reasonable price compared to other expensive dysfunctional vacuums or to other high end vacuum cleaners that you see on the market.

However, many owners find that Shark Navigator simply stands out. It is considered by many as the best upright vacuum cleaner and its sales continuously soar high. There are very few complaints about the products but more reviews of satisfied customers. It is often praised for its quality and excellent features, especially its noise level. Many were amazed how a vacuum can be so quiet. In contrast, Bissell has few reviews but at the same time, few complaints also.

In the end, when assessed as to the advantages and disadvantages plus user reviews, the winner in Shark Navigator vs Bissell is… Shark Navigator! It is truly loved by many, from design to its features more people gave it two-thumbs up.

No wonder you can find a long list of satisfied customers in Amazon and other shopping sites about the product. Some even posted two reviews and several updates! So if you are planning to purchase an upright vacuum better check the online reviews first, be a wise buyer.

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