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Shark Navigator VS Dyson Animal

When comparing the Shark Navigator vs Dyson Animal, the biggest difference seems to be the price. They both offer superior performance and suction, however there are subtle differences between the two, so the real question is which one is the best buy for the money.

The Shark Navigator when compared to the Dyson Animal has the same cleaning concepts in mind, deep cleaning of the carpet through the removal of dust and pet hair.  The Shark claims to do this through no suction loss technology by spinning the air at a much faster rate to keep the dust and debris from clogging the filters. The Dyson maintains its suction by having a brush mechanism that operates independently of the cleaning head so that no matter what floor type you’re on, the brush adjusts to the floor, reducing the loss of suction. Both offer a 5-year warranty and are designed with the pet owner in mind.

Shark Navigator Features and Specifications

  • Two motor system with brush shut off to prevent motor burn out in the event debris blocking the brushes.
  • Compact light weight design
  • Smooth glide wheels for easy operation
  • A 24” crevice tool for accessing tight areas
  • Super stretch hose for reaching higher areas
  • Powerful pet hair removal with the included power nozzle and Turbo power brush
  • Light weight and easy to carry at 15 lbs.

Dyson Animal Features and Specifications

  • Cyclone technology for optimum cleaning power
  • Fixed wheel maneuverability
  • Motorized brush bar for cleaning multiple surfaces
  • Included stair tool, combination accessory tool, mini turbine head and flat out head
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Weight of 20.61 lbs.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers who bought the Shark Navigator often compare it to the performance of the Dyson. Although the Dyson is a top-performing vacuum, it also seems to be at the top in price. The more affordably priced Shark is winning consumers over with its reasonable cost and quality performance.  Many were surprised at how well it worked considering its low price tag.  They like the ease with which they were able to move it around the house and how well it picked up hair and dust.  For those of smaller stature, the compact design was of considerable benefit with the vacuuming being done in a much shorter amount of time.

Some found it to be the perfect solution for their secondary vacation house where they needed an effective and yet affordable machine.  Those that used it in this manner stated that it was the perfect solution so they could keep their heavier and more expensive Dyson at home. Those that use it as their primary vacuum indicated that it more than did the job when used for weekly cleaning.

For those on a tight budget, comparing the Shark Navigator vs Dyson usually ended up with the Shark being the ideal choice. It’s no suction loss technology, light weight and affordability all made this machine the optimum choice.  Although Dyson offers a quality machine, it can’t compete with Shark’s performance and smaller price tag for those on a budget.

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