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Shark Navigator VS Dyson DC25

You might have been searching for the right vacuum cleaner that would suit your needs. You also probably considered buying a high end vacuum that will last for a lifetime. But you probably got stuck when choosing between two unprecedented cleaners – the Shark Navigator vs Dyson DC25. Fret not, for this comparative article will help you with such a dilemma.

To start off, both the Shark and Dyson DC25 stand upright and feature a bagless design, meaning, you won’t have to replace bag after bag of dirt. Both also claim that there is no loss of power and suctioning is consistent from the front door to the back.  Shark uses Infinity technology which keeps 99% of dirt and dust away from its filter. Dyson, on the other hand, uses Root Cyclone technology that utilizes centrifugal force when separating the dirt from the air, making sure that the debris stays out of your suction.

Reviewers contend that both the Shark Navigator and the Dyson DC25 easily weave through the dust, dirt, and pet hair from carpets and from floors like tile, linoleum, or hardwood. Both also boast a clear container for the dirt, which allows you to gauge whether you need to throw away the accumulated dust.

The Shark and Dyson also use several attachments that come with the package to make you clean those hard to reach places and make your room is truly spotless. Thus, the Shark Navigator vs Dyson DC25 is still a highly contested competition because of such similar features.

While many say they may work essentially like the same and boast several features that you find in modern and high end vacuums today, there are also some differences that we could see from both machines. First, reviewers comment on their maneuverability and that both vary in this aspect, primarily because of the equipment used.

While the Shark uses typical smooth gliding wheels which are rubberized, the Dyson uses an innovative “ball” to navigate through those tough corners. It may feel weird at first, but shelling out extra buck for the more expensive Dyson may be worthwhile in the long run. But if you don’t picture yourself balling around the house, the Shark Navigator may fit the bill well.

If you still don’t have an answer to the Shark Navigator vs Dyson DC25 dilemma, then lets sum it up to this: Aside from the fact that both look like they came from outer space, the Shark and the Dyson both boast powerful features which are worth your money. A lot of people have tried it out and they never thought that vacuuming could be so much fun.

If you’re willing to shell out some cash then, you couldn’t go wrong with the Dyson DC25, especially with its ball rolling feature for easy maneuvering. But if you’re kinda on a tight budget but would like to invest on a great product, the Shark Navigator will cover most of your vacuuming needs.

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