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Shark Navigator VS Eureka Airspeed

This year, many vacuum cleaner manufacturers gave us several choices to clean our floors. Well, actually, there are really a lot in the market right now to merit the abundance as a dizzying array. However, consumers and experts most often refer to two competing brands and have started the debate on Shark Navigator vs Eureka Airspeed.

The reason for this is because both boast great suction power, versatility in terms of accessories and very competitive price range. To fully gauge and compare the capabilities of the two competing vacuum cleaners, they should be put to a simple “vaccuming” test.

The procedure that we’ve found is as follows: First, there were 2 strips of carpet and scatter some powder on both strips – one has a more grainy texture while one had a finer touch. Next, they pass each vacuum cleaner over the strips twice to see and ensure their consistency and a sense of their lastingness. Finally, it’s finish off by emptying the contents of each of the vaccums’ waste depositories and measure how much material they sucked up.

The result? Well, it was expected that it would be a close fight between the Shark Navigator vs Eureka Airspeed. However, in the end, the Shark Navigator stood out with quite an adequate lead over the Eureka Airspeed that convinced testers to recommend it over the other. The difference was around 38-40 grams of grain or around 1.36 ounces. There is, however, an external factor to contribute to this amount – the Eureka Airspeed had to be adjusted by the user himself for the height. In doing so, the cleaner would kind of “push off” some of the granular vacuum cleaning power of the appliance, especially when it gets to the deep pile carpet.

In reality, it’s actually very hard to decide between the two, despite the results from the Shark Navigator vs Eureka Airspeed suction test. After it, there were some considerations to do some testing again, where the height of the Eureka would be adjusted, probably in the high pile set up but it would not serve the test well, especially in the shorter carpet sections.

This is when the testers realized that the Shark Navigator stands out as you won’t need to adjust it much in different situations. And, the ultimate difference that dawned was the fact that even if the testers assumed the whole weight of the granular powder on the carpet and summed it all up in the weigh-in, the total still wouldn’t be enough to beat the Shark Navigator.

That is why, to conclude, the Shark Navigator is a great investment for your hard earned cash. It even costs less than the Eureka Airspeed since it’s cheaper right off the bat and you won’t have to buy replacement filters. So, it’s settled. Go for the Shark Navigator this year if you want a great vacuum for a low price. Nevertheless, it’s not right to say that we discourage you from purchasing the Eureka Airspeed completely. It’s still a decent vacuum in its own right and has a HEPA filtration system to keep users safe from allergies and asthma attacks. If this is a big issue for you, then, you might want to consider it.

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