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Shark Navigator vs Oreck XL21

Meticulously looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s right for your home (and for your wallet) is quite a chore nowadays with an abundance of them in the current market. These past few months, two manufacturers truly proved their worth in terms of accessibility, lightweight operation, maneuverability, suction power and overall usefulness.

Thus, the debate and contention over the best vacuum cleaner for your home begins and is dubbed by many in the industry as the Shark Navigator vs. Oreck. For you to have an idea on what to expect on the two products and compare them by yourself, you can read on and try to determine which will really suit your house, floor, cleaning style and budget.

Shark Navigator

Over the past few years, Shark has proven their worth in the vacuum cleaning business, producing a plethora of vacuum cleaners for many situations, floor types and uses. The new product for our Shark Navigator vs. Oreck contest is equipped with “Infinity Technology” where it boasts no loss of suction power over use while ensuring that your floors are 99 per cent clear of dirt and other unwanted particles when you slide the vacuum over.

Versatility is the name of the game for the Shark Navigator, as it uses a two-motor system with an electric brush roll which the user can switch on or off to enable him to go from carpets to tile and even hardwood without much fuss. To further its cleaning capabilities, the Shark comes with some hefty tools and attachments that will enable users to use it for above-floor cleaning operations.

Reviewers of the product simply loved the turbo-powered brush attachment that effectively lifts up pesky pet hair from your precious wall-to-wall carpeting. For extreme maneuverability, the Shark boasts a couple of smooth-gliding wheels and an ergonomic handle, allowing the user to easily weave through furniture. Plus, since it only weighs around 15 pounds, you won’t need much effort to handle it. Right now, it costs around 150 dollars, more or less.

Read the full information about this vacuum by clicking through the Shark Navigator reviews article.

Oreck XL21

In the other corner of our Shark Navigator vs. Oreck contest, weighing a very competitive 8 pounds is the OreckXL 21 vacuum cleaner. You might not believe it at first (and we didn’t either) but this eight pounder packed the punch of many conventional vacuums in the market because of its advanced filtration system, HEPA filtration (which the Shark doesn’t have) and a thoughtful 21 sessions of free tune up from their service centers to ensure that it always feels like new.

However, the Oreck does come in a lot more expensive than Shark Navigator, but if you really want a lightweight and virtually dust free operation (thanks to its HEPA filtration), it is worth checking out. The 21 year warranty (yes, you read it right) that comes with it makes sure that you get your money’s worth. Overall, between the two competitors, it all comes down to personal use and preference. Choose wisely, and remember to clean thoroughly!

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